Guaranteed Gaging Solutions

B2 STEPGAUGE has added 2 BlueTooth models.

These are “go to” gauges for our customers who want wireless data transfer to a laptop, Android or iOS device.

As an agent for B2 StepGauge, we can provide you with industry leading Gap & Step Gauges.




  A fully stabilized cast iron frame forms the base of the ‘A’ type   adjustable limit snap gage.  Two pairs of round lapped,   adjustable, hardened tool steel cylindrical pins form the anvils of   the basic measuring gage.

  The measuring range of the ‘A’ type is generally twice that of a   comparable type ‘C’ or ‘U’.  This creates an economic adjustable   snap gauging solution where the lower base price, coupled with   the wider range, results in a comparative cost saving of 50%.  

  Measuring Range:  0” – 9” (0 – 230MM)

TYPE A Snap Gage


  • Metric Range: 0 - 230 mm
  • Inch Range: 0 - 9
  • 4 plain cylindrical pins

TYPE C Snap Gage


  • Metric Range: 0 - 220 mm
  • Inch Range: 0 - 8 5/8
  • Hardened steel anvils

TYPE U Snap Gage


  • Metric Range: 0 - 210 mm
  • Inch Range: 0 - 8 1/4
  • Measure external grooves

Thread Measuring Cylinders


  • Measure effective diameter
  • Set of 3 or Pair of 2
  • With eyelets for ULMM's