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B2 STEPGAUGE has added 2 BlueTooth models.

These are “go to” gauges for our customers who want wireless data transfer to a laptop, Android or iOS device.

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Adjustable Limit Snap Gages
are precision gauging devices
generally used in a production
environment for the rapid,
accurate and foolproof inspection
of component parts during and
after a production process.

There are certain basic rules which
need to be followed to ensure
adjustable limit snap gages perform
to their expected accuracy and have
a long operational life.

  • Ensure that at all times the gage, and in particular the gauging surfaces, are kept clean and free from dirt, grease and in particular abrasive material.
  • Always take into account the abrasive action of the component part on the gage.  For example, cast-iron, cast-aluminum and steel are more abrasive than brass, copper or plastic, consequently particular care and more frequent calibration should be in-place when inspecting components produced from these more abrasive materials.
  • Adjustable limit snap gages should always be held either by hand or in a suitable gage holder.  Do not ever clamp the gage in a vise.
  • When the gage is not in use it should be stored in a suitable drawer where each gage is located in its own dedicated space and there is no opportunity for them to be damaged or the setting compromised.
  • Always use a traceable standard for setting the Go and No-Go gage dimensions, using either gage blocks or master setting pins.  The gauging dimensions should be rechecked at frequent intervals during the life of the gage.
  • Whenever setting or checking the gage accuracy always inspect the anvils for any chipping or cracking particularly at the leading edges.  Also inspect the frame for damage as this would be an indication the gage has been dropped and possibly damaged.  Ensure the adjusting and locking screws are doing their job and everything is being held tightly and securely in place.
  • YPG adjustable limit snap gages are produced to the highest standards using top quality materials, despite this, when used round the clock gauging tens of thousands of component parts wear could occur.  It could take years of service life for errors to become noticeable, typically these would relate to the condition of the anvils.  The guidelines above will minimize any problems but as the snap gage was designed for gauging cylindrical components it is possible for a side to side groove to be worn in the anvils therefore the flatness of the anvils should be inspected from time to time.
  • Anvil flatness can be inspected by using a gage block between the anvils moving from front to back and side to side in a grid pattern.


TYPE A Snap Gage


  • Metric Range: 0 - 230 mm
  • Inch Range: 0 - 9
  • 4 plain cylindrical pins

TYPE C Snap Gage


  • Metric Range: 0 - 220 mm
  • Inch Range: 0 - 8 5/8
  • Hardened steel anvils

TYPE U Snap Gage


  • Metric Range: 0 - 210 mm
  • Inch Range: 0 - 8 1/4
  • Measure external grooves

Thread Measuring Cylinders


  • Measure effective diameter
  • Set of 3 or Pair of 2
  • With eyelets for ULMM's